Top 20 Most Inspiring Richest Bloggers across the Globe:

Blogging is a full-time business. You can earn tons of money and build your Business Empire by creating a blog and managing it the right way. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Several Newbies dive into the blogging business but only a few are able to make it this big to be one of the Richest Bloggers. There are several factors that go into building a successful blog. These include thorough knowledge about the domain, creative thinking, and sound technical knowledge to name a few. If you have the right mix of these skills and know-how to apply them well then you can certainly create a place for yourself in this booming business.

Many bloggers around the world are earning big time. We have compiled a list of top 20 richest bloggers in the world to inspire you as you begin your journey as a blogger. 

List of Top 20 Most Inspiring Richest Bloggers:

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn works on the online business, entrepreneurship and podcasting niche. His site is more than 8 years old and he has been making huge money consistently. He also runs a YouTube channel, a Podcast, and blogs like,, and that add to his income.

Steve Kamb

These successful richest bloggers run a famous blog, Nerd Fitness. He started blogging because it offered flexible work hours and gave ample time to travel and enjoy life. But he soon realized that he enjoyed working on his blog more than anything. He built a unique blog that included information that wasn’t available elsewhere. He monetized his blog by offering exclusive online fitness courses, e-books, and merchandise.

Nat Eliason

His blog is doing great business. His understanding of the marketing techniques and knowledge about the working of the market has made him reach where he is today. On his blog, he offers products such as online courses and books. He has also developed an app to popularize his blog further and boost his income.

Josh and Ryan

The duo has been doing great in the field of blogging. They travel to collate content for their famous blog, The Minimalists. They have been traveling far and wide to keep their blog up to date and are making handsome income out of it. They also host events that add to their income. By way of their blog, they sell books, offer podcast sponsorship, writing classes, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.


His site, garnered great response since the beginning itself and fetched good income. Mathew makes HTML 5 games that he sells through this site. He designs and develops games and sells them to gaming portals. This unique and fresh niche ensured less competition that turned out to be a big plus for Matthew.

Michelle Schroeder

Michelle Schroeder is a personal finance blogger who runs the famous blog, Making Sense of Cents. She started it back in 2011. Her blog picked up gradually and she is making huge income from it. Her hard work and persistent efforts to achieve the set goals helped her become successful in the field.


Kristen’s site covers niches like finance, budgeting, and tips for making money online. She started with it in the year 2015 while she was in a full-time job. Initially, the blog was more about the budget and finance-related information but it soon turned into the online money making the guide. This is when it received an overwhelming response and helped her make a position among the richest bloggers around the world.

Nandini Shenoy

Nandini launched Pinkvilla in the year 2007 and since then there has been no looking back. The blog covers news write-ups and articles from the world of entertainment and fashion. It is one of the top blogs for Bollywood news and gossip. The blog is well maintained and up to date. Nandini’s interest in Bollywood and her determination to follow her passion have helped her attain success.

Jodi Ettenberg

Jodi runs the successful food and travel blog, Legal Nomads. A lawyer by profession, Jodi quit her handsome job to become one of the richest bloggers. Her love for traveling was the major reason for this switch. The popularity of her blog mainly lies in her art of storytelling. So, her blog is not just informative but extremely interesting and thus keeps the readers hooked.

Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale is making huge income via his blog, MoneyConnexion. His other blog, is also reaping good business. He started way back in 2009. His initial experience wasn’t good. He did not make much during the first two years. However, he did not give up and kept chasing his dreams. His determination to attain success acted as a driving force and he finally started earning handsomely.


Alexa started the website, that covered the financial management niche. Her blog shares information about how one can generate side income with part-time jobs and freelance gigs. Her site sees more than 150k visitors monthly. She also works as a virtual assistant to add to her income.

Will Tang

Will Tang’s site is all about travel blogging and internet marketing. This is a site for all those who fancy becoming digital nomads. Will also produce podcasts. He has been in the blogging business for more than four years and has achieved huge success in the field. He tried sponsored content, affiliate programs, and freelance gigs right from the beginning and this helped him generate good income.

Dusty Porter

Dusty Porter is the proud owner of the site, which provides information about making money online. He is a skilled content creator and voice actor. His YouTube channel, podcast sponsorship, and affiliate links help him generate most of the income. Using diverse platforms has helped Dusty climb up the success ladder.

James Clear

He runs the popular self-improvement blog, He has helped several of his readers lead a better life. His content is simple yet effective and that is what keeps the readers coming back to him. He has been updating the blog consistently to motivate his readers. He also sells products such as online courses and books via his blog that help him earn well.

Justin Weinger

His website talks about various aspects of internet marketing. He has been updating it regularly to provide the latest information about the world of internet marketing to his readers and help them benefit through it. He also shares his inspirational professional journey via his blog.

Harsh Aggarwal

Harsh, the owner of started blogging more than a decade ago and has created a strong foothold in the market. His site provides tech tips, information on making money online and guidelines for creating blogs. Harsh runs multiple blogs to boost his income. He focuses on long-tail keywords that help him fetch huge traffic from search engines. He also runs a YouTube channel where he posts video guides providing step by step information about creating blogs.

Spencer Haws

His website is quite popular among internet marketers. He is making a huge income by way of his website which is more than 7 years old. His website provides useful information on creating, purchasing and monetizing site which is of great help to the new bloggers. However, this is not the only site he has. He has multiple websites and projects that help him generate good business.

Anthony Metivier

Anthony came up with a unique blog idea and it has fetched great response. His blog, Magnetic Memory Method teaches how to improve memory. He sells books and programs for the improvement of memory and language learning skills. The idea is unique and has helped him juggle a huge sum of money. It is an inspiration for those who have fresh and innovative ideas but are hesitant to give shape to them.


Her website, is all about food photography and food recipes. She works in association with her husband, Trevor who is a professional photographer. Their website is vibrant and attractive and fetches huge traffic. Their videography and photography are certainly worth a watch.

Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma is one of the top women richest bloggers in India and one of the best around the world. She founded which is India’s largest digital platform that showcases inspirational entrepreneur stories and news. Yourstory comprises of a team of efficient bloggers that have published thousands of stories. Shradha worked with big shots such as CNBC TV 18 and The Times of India before venturing into the blogging business. This gave her a sound knowledge about the working of mass media. She has been earning handsomely as a blogger.

The story of each of these richest bloggers is interesting and inspiring at the same time. We hope this piece of information motivates all you budding bloggers out there and you work as hard to achieve your dreams.